July 11, 2002
Damn Dreams

So last night sucked. Sumit called when I was half asleep and I foolishly called him back once I realized that it was my phone ringing and not my alarm going off. So me half asleep trying to hold a conversation while Sumit pushes my buttons is not good because I am not thinking clearly and I just get upset. I was so angry, more over the fact that he even got me upset than the actual non argument. Because you see an argument with Sumit is like an argument with myself since he refuses to be involved. Anyways so when I finally did hang up I was wide awake and it took me a long time to fall back asleep and I just knew I was going to sleep in and what happened? I woke up when I should have been about to leave to go get Michele and Kristen. But you say this is not so bad. You just woke up late, you got to work, no big deal, and while true it was not a big deal it was how I woke up that sucked. I was having a bad nightmare when I woke up late. It's an epidemic and I blame Kristen for putting the idea in my head, except not really.

Anyways so the nightmare is everyone that ever is able to get me really upset is around. Sumit, who is again refusing to argue, my sister, Isabelle my aunt, my dad and my "work leader" from work are all present in some form. So it's like a non ending argument/me being pissed off and upset episode and really stress filled. With everyone pushing my buttons in the ways that only they can. Interesting though that Dad was just present rather than upsetting me and my sister too. Isabelle was the real main antagonist, while my "work leader" was a background distress factor that happened before everyone else showed up and Sumit was just his usual aggravating self. And the last thing I remember is running into another room to escape them and crying and feeling all alone. And then I woke up all tense and not on time.

And now I'm over analyzing my dream like a moron. I stop now.

Posted by nuala at July 11, 2002 12:00 PM