December 29, 2002
Tattoo, Yea or Nay?

Right, so I went with Michele today to get her tatoo and I talked to Yutaro about a design for me to be placed at the small of my back. If you need a refresher, this is what was talked about before. Here's what he came up with.

It's kinda big for me. Michele says go for it, but I dunno. Anyways so I'm thinking of making it smaller by doing this and putting it on my shoulder.

So what do we think? You can be brutal it's ok.

P.S. It is a rough sketch so it is darker in some places and when actually tatooed on me the gaelic designs would be more detailed and clear.

Posted by nuala at December 29, 2002 06:15 PM

yeah big one! yeah! hoo doggy! whoop-di-whoop!

doods. it is awesome. so what if it takes up half her skinny ass body? so what? all the better. it'll be like people saying, "you want some cone with that ice cream?" only they'll be saying, "you want some body with that tattoo?"

i could not approve more. i think it's fucking gorgeous. i think yutaro is the bomb diggity. i think an appointment for a certain young mansard needs to be made PRONTO.

Posted by: michele on December 29, 2002 06:37 PM

Well I (stress I here, like in a big long IIIIIIIIIIII) have decided that it is too big. I didn't want a big one and I will not be pressured into a big one.

HOWEVER. I have been experimenting at home with the other place I was thinking about placing it (my shoulder) and have decided that if I can make the circle part about half an inch smaller that I would go for it. Because it is gorgeous. And I think it also works on my back shoulder.

The problem is that Yutaro was against making it smaller for losing details but I really don't want it that big and who's the cutomer? Oh ME! And I think it could work for me just a little smaller and he wouldn't have too much of a problem.

I am obsessed with the tatoo at the moment.

Posted by: nuala on December 29, 2002 08:54 PM

And I meant that I would take out the fanning out bits and only keep the circle. So it would just be the circle bit smaller on my shoulder.

Just to clarify.

Posted by: nuala on December 29, 2002 08:55 PM

Oh and my mother went, "It's gorgeous, but to big" and my sister before she left went, "Get the tatoo."

Hee hee

Posted by: nuala on December 29, 2002 08:56 PM

psycho obsessor. man typing hurts cause i keept trying to rest my arms on the desk and then the tattoos go, "hey. ouch." heh.

ok. so i think if you take out the little celtic knots inside the circle and just do the swan inside the circle? or just the swan itself? on your shoulder. that would be fucking super sweet, hella. and i vote you call and make your appt for APRIL asap. although...since he's going to be gone for like 3 weeks or something starting tomorrow....i guess you have a while still to decide.

tattoo! tattoo!

(p.s. i knew i liked ady for a reason.)

Posted by: michele on December 29, 2002 10:35 PM

ooooo a tattoo!! how daring!
i'm totally going for the celtic swan design...of course you do know about my latest obsession with all things irish. :)
i am thinking no little wing thingys on the side tho...the circle is really pretty by itself, simple and elegant.
and i liked the small of your back idea better than shoulder cuz that way you can show it off with a small tank top and jeans when you're with friends, but its private enough so you wont have to worry about covering it up if you're ever someplace (like work functions or fancy cocktail parties...sumit's parents....) you don't want it to be seen

Posted by: jade on December 30, 2002 11:22 AM

decisions, decisions

Posted by: nuala on December 30, 2002 04:06 PM

for the record, though no one cares, I vote no. but I like YOU. and if you get a tattoo I don't like, well you know, we can still be friends. =) besides, I'm sure it will be lovely...I like it as a design, I just have those weird permanence issues about these things. but I am outside my epoch in that way. so you should do what makes you happy, that is my real vote.

Posted by: didofoot on January 2, 2003 11:07 AM

i veto kristen! i vote permanence!

Posted by: michele on January 2, 2003 11:23 AM

Don't worry. It won't happen for a long time and if you want you can be like Sumit and pretend it doesn't exist, and I'll work very hard to keep it from your innocent non tatoo eyes.

Posted by: Nuala on January 2, 2003 12:04 PM

ok. ok good. as it is there is no getting around michele's new tattoos unless she goes back to wearing long streaming ribbons around her wrists a la high school. though i think the new ones are pretty. and in a nice place. don't get me wrong here.

well my ideas about tattoos are not your ideas, either of you, and that is just fine. that is why you get them and i do not. follow your bliss and all. or, you know, your needle induced pain.

Posted by: didofoot on January 2, 2003 12:20 PM

my new ones are in pain! ahhh scabby grossness. but seriously they took under 15 minutes each. it was hardly long enough to be painful. do you think i'll say that when/if i have twins too? ha! hmm. ey?

Posted by: michele on January 2, 2003 12:54 PM

What new ones, michele? I want to see!!!!!

And Nuala, the rest of your life......think about it. I have tattoos, so i'm not against them. I am going to be brutal, that one isn't life long worthy. sorry. just my stupid opinion. who cares what i think? if YOU do, then I say you should put a rose with a banner and birds holding each end of the banner. That's just me.

Posted by: tracy on January 6, 2003 04:12 PM

Lower back is excruciatingly painful but the BESTEST place for the tattoo. Very sexy!!

Posted by: tracy on January 6, 2003 04:13 PM

hey what is up everyone this is me you know you know who I am

Posted by: Carmen Nikole on May 16, 2003 10:51 AM

show me picture of tattoos okay

Posted by: Abdulla-Toky on September 3, 2003 10:15 AM

can you send me pics of your tattoos?

Posted by: shaunna on February 17, 2004 09:51 PM


Posted by: didofoot on February 18, 2004 11:11 AM

Yeah, random people asking for pictures has all the not-expected-nor-desired-ness of the recurring advertising comment spam, without any of the delightfully-surreal-ness, and plus some creepy-I-don't-know-you-fuck-off-ness.


Posted by: dianna on February 18, 2004 12:24 PM

diannna can you send me pix of yr nipple piercings ok thx

Posted by: randomperson on February 18, 2004 12:46 PM

Kristen, the problem with asking that when you're not a random person is that you might just get what you ask for. I'm sorely tempted, mostly because I suspect that you'd be walking around holding your nipples protectively and wincing for a week.

I do, however, like the new spelling idea. More Ns is always better! Long live extra Ns!

Posted by: dianna on February 18, 2004 01:12 PM

nonnnsense, i look at the lad's pierced fellas all the time.

Posted by: tandemperson on February 18, 2004 01:22 PM

Damn! I forgot about that. Gene, why must you always spoil my fun???

I could probably still provoke a wince with a fresh-and-bloody picture, but really, is it even worth it at this point? *heavy sigh*

Posted by: dianna on February 18, 2004 01:26 PM

Why feign that I could even compete with you Dianna? Tell her about your other piercings and you'll make her wince. You'll make her wince to high heaven. My "fellas" pale in comparison to the hard coreness of your past (and possible present).

Posted by: gene on February 20, 2004 12:50 AM

Not present, I regret to say. Out of 19 delightfully Swiss-cheesey holes through my body, the only ones still there are my earlobes. The bastards just don't like to stick around if they can possibly make a bid for freedom and the outside world.

But at least we'll always have the memories. And an extensive collection of jewelry to loan to unsuspecting people who don't know where it's been. I'm just saying, if you ever need a 10g ring from me, make sure you wash it first.

Posted by: dianna on February 20, 2004 12:35 PM


Posted by: pappy on April 27, 2004 10:15 AM

no thank you, i've already eaten.

Posted by: didofoot on April 27, 2004 01:06 PM