January 24, 2003
Dancing Indians


So this was the first Indian made movie I ever saw. Sumit made me watch it a couple of years ago and it was then that I fell in love with bollywood. Not that I've watched many Indian movies since then. I'm deathly afraid of getting duds I know are out there, so I keep asking Sumit to tell me what's the big movie of the moment as he's in the know, or should be, being Indian and all, but he never remembers the names and so is no help to me at all.

Anyways, I recently decided to rewatch Mohabbatein and I'm telling you those 3.5 hours flew by. Indians took the musical format and ran with it and then sprinted some more and then threw it into another time zone. The movie is admittedly more about how to get another song in than actually following a serious plot. Not that the plot is horrible mind you, just sappy, with lots of dramatic sudden close ups and overacted dramtic statements. I love it anyways. I embrace the sappiness! But there are pretty, pretty girls, and upbeat songs and lots of color, oh god and the dance numbers. I giggle from the meer memory of them.

After the movie was over and I was awash with the glow of happiness that any good musical will bestow I thought, "Why can't life be more like a musical?" Why can't I have a demon come and cast a spell so that everyone sings about anything emotional? Why can't I live in Buffyland? Oh right those pesky vampires. Right okay I'll take it without the vampires thank you very much. I mean if I feel this happy after watching people sing about their make believe lives imagine how happy everyone would be if we randomly sang about our own. It would be brilliant. You can't convince me otherwise.

And so then I've been reading The Subtle Knife where there are multiple worlds that touch and I'm thinking there could be a muscial world. It could happen. I want to visit there and see what it's like, all I have to do is rip a hole between the worlds and I'll find it. And then I remember the show Sliders where they travel between multiple realities and then it's all gone to hell. You see how my mind works. Disturbing isn't it.

My whole point here though is:

1. Mohabbatein = Good clean Indian fun, if a little sappy.
2. I like musicals a little too much and need therapy to keep me from bursting into song next time I have an emotion, especially since I can't sing.
3. I should never be allowed to find a way to travel between multiple realities.

Posted by nuala at January 24, 2003 02:30 PM


snicker snicker.

ahhh.....subtle knife is good! you know what's better though? the 3rd one! hmm..maybe actually i like the first one best . hmm...

sliders! i fucking loved that show. and then it went to shit and i stopped watching. that was like 6 years ago. i think it's still on sometimes though, isn't it? fucking o'connell brothers.

p.s. you mock my mk/a o obsession, but i think i have to say indian musical obsession is pretty bad too. sort of. ok not as bad. but still. a little bad.

Posted by: michele on January 24, 2003 02:46 PM

A little bad, but it is no where near as bad as MK/A O. I have no words for how mind numbing they are, but hell if you're having that much fun with them.....

Posted by: Nuala on January 24, 2003 02:56 PM

well both indian musicals and mk/a o movies feature attractive chicks, so where's the harm? i ask you.

Posted by: didofoot on January 24, 2003 03:12 PM

i'm starting to scare myself. do you have any idea how often i check this site for updates to relieve my own boredom?

Posted by: jade on January 29, 2003 12:21 PM

hee hee!

all hilarity fades.

probably not as often as me. (grim.)

Posted by: michele on January 29, 2003 12:26 PM

Or me. Jade if you REALLY want to relieve your boredom go check out Michele or Kristen's site Or Sean's or any of the others. They're all listed under my links.

Michele = Sushi
Kristen = Carthage
Sean (who you don't know but is funny) = Zembla

And if you're REALLY REALLY bored go to www.cementhorizon.com and on the left hand side it says who's updated recently as well as who has had posts recently and then you'll be like all the rest of us checking it every ten minutes hoping someone has written SOMETHING to entertain us.

By the way, how goes being a house owner?

Posted by: Nuala on January 29, 2003 12:42 PM

ooooh....more sites to look at! yay!
hmmm...maybe i'll start my own to fill with more random ramblings!
the house owner thing is going!! yesturday i signed loan docs, tomorrow is the final walk-thru and this weekend i get the keys!!!! i have....property... (big eyes and a gasp.) no money anymore, but property =)
we just need to paint the walls and then i can move in!

Posted by: jade on January 29, 2003 02:05 PM

woo-hoo! That's so great. I'll have to come visit once you are all settled in.

And how is the job? And Toby? And maybe I should write an email....

Posted by: Nuala on January 30, 2003 12:04 PM