June 24, 2003
Mom Always Said Not to Play on the Freeway

So today I went to Petco to pick up some stuff for Ribbon. Namely a kitty litter catcher so that when he kicks his litter around it's not all over the carpet and a cusion thing to put on top of my clothes so that my clothes don't get all furry and I don't have to be a towel short.

Anyways I was on my way home at the stoplight waiting to get on the freeway and what do I see but this tiny dog trotting across the intersection with a collar and a leash trailing behind him and no owner in sight. Well he makes it across one side of the intersection and proceeds across the other. Then there's me in the car not sure what to do seeing all these other cars just slowly trying to go past the thing and beeping hoping he'll get out of the way. I was terrified he was going to be run over in front of me. My light was still red and the dog was kinda heading towards me so I roll down my window and yell puppy and he stops IN THE MIDDLE of the intersection to stare at me.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I put the car in park put on my hazard lights and got out of the car to go get him. The poor thing was terrified. I felt so bad for him. As I'm getting back into my car with the dog this woman pulls up next to me and asks if he's alright. I said yea but he's scared and he's not mine. She suggested I try the car dealerships on either side of the street in case he belonged to a customer and had gotten away. So I did to no avail. By this time I'm a little freaked out. What am I going to do with this poor little dog who is clearly winded and still slightly scared himself? I can't take him home as we already have a dog and a cat and are allowed no more pets and who knows how they'll react. Although by this time I'm thinking if I have to I'll take him home for awhile.

I called Sumit and he was not suprised that I somehow ended up with a dog in my car. He suggested I drive around the area trying to see if anyone was loooking for a dog, which I did. Still panicking I called my friend Jessica who's been really involved with animal shelters in the area. She didn't answer her phone, but called me later, and then I had a flash of brilliance, I would go back to the Petco. Maybe someone there could help.

So I get to Petco and the poor dog is still freaked out and it took a lot to get him into the store. Anyways once I get there I feel like I must be babbling. The employees were nice enough to take him and say that they would give him some food and water. If anyone came by to claim him they would give him to the owners, if no one came by they would give him to the ASAP who do not kill the animals but try to place them so I felt better but still bad at the same time as I was leaving the poor thing. I felt so bad like I was abandoning him. I still don't feel good about it and I was so scattered that I didn't even think to leave them my name and number. I think I might try and call them tomorrow.

Anyways I feel like I should have done more. Tried to look harder, taken him home and just put an ad in the paper. I dunno. I just feel like I just left him there all alone and scared. Like I gave up and handed it off to someone else, which I kinda did. Poor little dog. I hope his owners find him.

Posted by nuala at June 24, 2003 06:50 PM

dood sweet jesus don't beat yourself up about this. you did more than a lot of people would ever do. and i am sure the PETCO people will be taking great care of him. you should call them tomorrow though just to make yourself feel better and see if anyone claimed him yet. you could make signs and put them up in that area i guess...only you would just have to say that he was taken to this ASAP place. but still. you are a fucking angel and you probably saved that dog's life.

Posted by: michele on June 24, 2003 07:40 PM

yes, you certainly were that dog's saving grace. and if it'll make you feel better, put up signs like michele suggested and keep in touch with PETCO and ASAP to see how the dog's doing so that way you won't feel like you're passing off the responsibility.
i'm sure his owners would be trying to find him too, and you're making it a lot easier for them to do so.

Posted by: jade on June 25, 2003 08:36 AM

yeah, you did a GOOD thing. obviously if he was on his leash then he only just escaped, so the owners will still be in full hopeful search mode. i am sure they will find him, especially as if they lost a dog in the vicinity of petco they would certainly check there.

it is always hard to rescue a stray bc you don't know if you'll then be stuck with an animal you cannot possibly keep. but you did a very good thing and saved the puppy's life. good job you.

Posted by: didofoot on June 25, 2003 10:15 AM

who are these people who do not put their phone number on the collar? they are damn lucky you helped their poop puppy. nuala = superwoman.

Posted by: erica on June 25, 2003 10:43 AM