September 12, 2003
A Household of Six

Deanna, my house mate, came in last night and said, "You're going to hate me." I was confused and asked why. Her boyfriend Eric's grandmother had been feeding a stray cat that had kittens and they were taking them to the pound. Deanne being so sweet couldn't let them all go if she could at least take one, so she did and so now we have a kitten.

A small ball of gray fluff, no more than a month old. No name as of yet, but none the less adorable and irresistible, except perhaps to Ribbon who upon seeing the kitten has attempted to ignore, avoid and just plain hiss at, although I am not surprised. I have probably traumitized him again in a year when I moved him five hours from his home, drugged and then made him get to know a dog. Now insult upon insult there is another cat in the house. Personally I think he's a little ticked off at me.

Oh well. The kitten is holed up in Deanna's room until it is no longer terrified, so hopefully the interaction will be at a minimum for a while.

In other news I meet Sir Derek Jacobi who most of you probably remember as playing Hamlet, in the video we watched in Mr. Hagar's class OR he played Hamlet's Uncle in the Kenneth Branagh version of Hamlet OR he played Emperor Claudius in I, Claudius OR he played the senator who was killed in Gladiator. The man, classically trained has the same wonderfully cultured voice in person as he does on the screen. It's not put on, it's just how he talks. It's fantastic. All I wanted to say the entire time I was making change for him was, "My Mom loves you in I, Claudius." But I didn't. I restrained. It was hard, but I managed. Mom was excited by this news and said, "I should have told him." Despite this she still feels like she's meet him now too.

Anyways that is my excitement for the week. I go off now to bed. Deanna has promised to try and take digital photos of the kitty so hopefully a name and picture of the lovable fluff ball will be forthcoming. We are now curious as to what the dog will do when she comes back with Krista and meets the kitty.....I'm sure hilarity will ensue. I'll keep you posted.

Posted by nuala at September 12, 2003 09:32 PM


would you like a hamster too?

hey! my brother has this friend who might not be using his tattoo appt in october and if he can't use it, YOU get to have it. i am still waiting on finding out when it is, but i will let you know as soon as i know.

Posted by: michele on September 12, 2003 11:41 PM

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous animal suffering, Or to take dried kibble against a sea of stray pets, And by sheltering end their misfortune?

Posted by: shoefly on September 13, 2003 04:21 AM

Hey Shoefly, Survivor Fantasy? Are we on? I'm kicking your butt this time!

Posted by: nuala on September 13, 2003 06:07 AM

Are you sure??? You're butt must still be quite tender from the harsh spanking I administered last season. I care deeply for you, Nuala, and don't want to cause permenent damage to that sacrosanct region (in which my foot was so deeply embedded). To be honest, my foot is still a bit tender from the violent encounter.

Posted by: shoefly on September 14, 2003 07:38 AM

Damn you. You didn't beat me by much and only because I had one bad round. You had better watch out this game!

Posted by: nuala on September 14, 2003 08:46 AM

Nuala, I'm startled. For one, I wouldn't expect you to be so eager to have my foot compressed against your backside. One would think it unpleasant. You, however, seem to take great pleasure in the experience. Although my foot is still tender I will oblige you with another smattering of leggy blows to your hindside. I recommend you strap a large pillow back there to absorb the powerful jolts.

Posted by: shoefly on September 15, 2003 01:41 AM