May 07, 2004
My Cat is being stalked

Last night I'm happily watching the end of friends and I hear this god awful yowling. I jumped up ran to the back door and yelled for Ribbon. I saw nothing so I went towards my room and Kitten who had houdinied her way out of the house AGAIN ran back in like something was chasing her. Ribbon looked at me sheepishly as if to say, "She started it. She was trying to eat the wet food, god damnit. I had to defend it."

Problem solved and I watched the end of Friends. Later I went back to my room and was watching something else when I heard the god awful yowling again. I ran out to yell at Ribbon and he was sitting right by my door staring at a big fat cat who had the gaul to yowl at him in HIS yard. (I actually think I heard this cat earlier and not Ribbon yowling at Kitty. Maybe Ribbon and Kitty were ganging up on the fat cat trying to eat Ribbon's food or invade their space or whatever. It would be kinda cute if they did, although Kitty is tiny. She's no good in a fight.)

It wasn't till I came outside though that Ribbon made a move towards the fat one. Fatty ran away when it saw me and I grabbed Ribbon before he could run after it. When I took Ribbon back to my room the Fatso came back and started yowling outside my room. I couldn't tell if this cat was taunting poor Ribbon or in heat and looking for some action.

I thought that was the end of it. Ribbon settled down for the night and I went to sleep, but then early this morning Ribbon was hitting his toy that squeaks in an effort to make me let him out. (It's like a freaking doorbell. The cat has got me too well trained.) Ten minutes after I let him out the damn yowling started again. Again Fatty is out there. Again Ribbon is just sitting staring until I make an appearance. Then he was off after Fatty who just sorta stood there. I had to run after Ribbon. I grabbed him just before he got to Fatty who finally with me so close took off.

It's so weird. I've maybe seen two cats in this neighborhood the whole time I've lived here and not very often and now all of a sudden my cat has got very own stalker. Not that Ribbon's not willing to fight this cat or whatever it is this cat is wanting to do. He so is. But he's old! He's gotta learn he can't go charging after all these young cats like he used to. (Except for Kitty, who he beats up all the time, but she's half the size of him.) He's been coming home with scratches on his head lately. I think with all the warm weather the cats in the neighborhood are coming out of the woodwork. Ribbon himself has been unable to stay inside. I come home from work and he's laying outside in the sun almost in a coma from the heat.

I'm just waiting to see what happens when Kitty sneaks out and runs into Fatso. Kitty is a fraidy cat. She's go running to Mama.

It's a zoo at our house I tell you. A zoo. And soon one more animal will be added. Rocky where are you? Ribbon needs someone else he can feel good about beating up.....

Posted by nuala at May 07, 2004 10:20 AM

Rocky's ready! He's gonna love wrestling with Ribbon. he's essentially a coward, but he puts up a good front for awhile..Ribbon will most likely always win.

Posted by: Ady on May 7, 2004 11:35 AM

ribbon fights crime with drool. supercat! drooling for america.

Posted by: didofoot on May 7, 2004 01:17 PM

when will rocky be there? i want to come visit rocky! screw visiting you! it's all about the small dog who possibly will sit like a frog and suck up grapes!

Posted by: michele on May 7, 2004 03:01 PM

Rocky is moving to California in June. He'll be at my Mom's house for a while and then he's moving in with me either in June or maybe July. We're not sure of the details yet.

Posted by: nuala on May 7, 2004 06:45 PM

sweet! benicia is so much closer than SB!

there's signs in martinez now, big billboards, that say "visit lovely benicia!" or some such crap.

Posted by: michele on May 7, 2004 10:44 PM

It definitely sounds like a TomCat in heat. Which is wierd since Ribbon's a boy, but no one's here to judge. Besides, I always thought Ribbon was a little light in the paws. I remember cat-sitting for you guys when you went to Ireland and I swear he winked at me!

At any rate, I remember in my last apartment that we found out that my roommates two cats were in fact not spayed becuase all these beefy Tomcats kept hanging out around the windows and yowling like it was their job. Is Kitty a girl? Maybe fatty cat is looking for some action and 'ol Ribbon is being all matronly and protective.

Posted by: Clint on May 8, 2004 04:12 AM

Kitty is a girl, so maybe, but she's fixed too. Hmmm...

Fatso showed up again last night, but Ribbon and him/her were just looking at eachother. Ribbon actually seemed content. It's bizarre. And then Mandi went out and scared Fatty away. Ribbon was so mad at me. He wouldn't come near me till I bribed him with treats.

It seems to be a love match. Fatty hasn't shown up since Mandy chased him away.

My cat is weird. He hates Kitty but is fine with some random cat in the yard. He's becoming old and senile.

Posted by: nuala on May 8, 2004 08:33 AM