August 15, 2004
I got in a bar fight

And I wasn't even drunk....this is what I get for hanging out with Frat boys.

Krista and I went out with Sonjia and her friend Christine. We hung out at Blue Agave first for drinks and then we headed to Madison's to dance. Christine had forgotten her license so she and Sonjia headed home to go and get it but of course never made it back.

Krista only turned 21 a couple of weeks ago and this was her first Saturday in Santa Barbara going out so we decided to stay. We ran into Angad who Krista knows and I met while we were in Vegas.

Anyways so we were dancing having a good time. Angad was getting Krista and himself drunk. I was designated driver tonight so I was being a very good girl. And then this big built black guy (according to drunk Krista, "this guy was huge!") taps Angad on the shoulder. Now Angad is pretty built but no where near as tall as the guy behind him. So....Angad turns around to say, "yes?" and the guy pushes him. Now at this point I'm right behind Angad and then the next thing I know Angad gets punched in the face and I get hit in the forehead by the back of Angad's head. I'm amazed I didn't fall on my ass with the heels I was wearing. It's funny though. You know that sound that you always hear in the movies when someone gets punched? The sound of knuckles hitting flesh...well I actually heard that sound over all the music when Angad got hit. Weird.

After that first punch and my knock to the forehead the boys were wreastling and hitting each other on the floor. I got pushed back and then in a typical what else could go wrong fashion I was in the bouncer's way, so he decides to push me around some more on his way to the punching boys. I felt like a freaking sack of potatoes getting moved around.

We're still not sure exactly why the fight happened. Krista thinks it might have been a frat thing. Whatever....Angad was too drunk and pissed off after the fight to really try and explain it.

After it happened all I could think about was sharing it with you all because I found it so damn funny. I'm fine by the way no bruise or anything. Although I think that would make it even funnier. I must have a really thick skull.....

Lately, between Vegas and Sonjia dragging me out it may seem like I'm turning into some big partier. It even seems that way to me as I write down what happened tonight, but honestly I go months without going anywhere. Lately it has just been the roommates bdays that have tipped the scales. God help me with my birthday coming up and the girls threatening to take me out. Things could get dangerous. I'll be sure to keep you all posted and I'll try not to add cat fight to my list of things I've done.....

Posted by nuala at August 15, 2004 02:06 AM


what has happened to my homebody, perfectly mannered sister? this is too strange.

Posted by: ady on August 15, 2004 04:29 AM