October 22, 2005

So I think I got a cat.....
I know that I should know whether or not I actually got one but basically he kinda wandered his way into my life and I'm not sure if I get to keep him or not.

Thursday night at work the security guard let us know that he had locked a cat in the break room so that it would be safe from the coyotes for the night. Vanessa and I said hello to him and then went home for the night. The next day I got a call before I came into work asking me to bring in cat food as the cat was still around.

He stuck around all day playing in the Hacienda and the garden. After a couple of hours he was gone and we figured he had gone home or wandered off. We all wanted him back as we thoguht he would make a great Ranch cat. At about 4pm the security guard let us know that he had been wandering around the construction area and he had put him in his truck so that he didn't get run over. I took him back up to the Hacienda and he continued to play with the staff.

I was a little worried about him staying at The Ranch as if he snuck off during the night there was a good possiblility that he would be attacked by coyotes and if not the next day he might go playing in the construction yard again. So yep, he ended up at home with me. Hence why I think I got a cat.

I don't really know how I feel about it. I miss Ribbon and it was weird last night to have a cat in my room that wasn't him. He's a little love bug though. Very sweet. I'm kinda hoping we find his owners though. He had a collar on with no tags and he obviously belongs to someone. We called the cat shelter and left our name saying that we had found a cat. I also made some posters and am putting them up at the local coffee shops hoping that his owners will see it.

I just thought that when I got another cat I would pick it out and I would get a kitten. I dunno. It's bizarre.

Michael wanted to name him Izzy as in Isador. Lauren thought we should name his Sid for Ysidro, but if no one claims him, and I will keep him if no one claims him, I think I'll call him Micha. I always wanted to name a black cat Begira (from the Jungle Book), but it doesn't suit him.

So yea. I think I have a cat. Here's a picture of him. Michael put one of the pet shirts on him on Friday. If I felt secure enough that he would be okay at The Ranch from coyotes and all the cars on property I would be all for him being permanently at The Ranch. As of right now I don't know if I'll be disappointed or relieved if I find his owners.

Posted by nuala at October 22, 2005 08:21 PM

On a semi-related note: when I lived in San Diego there was a super friendly fat neighborhood cat who would follow me home, and I'd let him jump in my window and sleep on my bed. He loved to purr and drool. Not knowing his name I, like you, called him Mischa.

Also, I think if you do not find the owners and you end up with him, then it was meant to be. Maybe Ribbon sent you a new pal because he knew how you missed him.

Posted by: kati on October 22, 2005 09:50 PM

he looks like a sweetie!

i was at the vet the other day and almost came home with a kitten. oh, it was a close call. but i keep telling myself that i won't be here forever and if i do join the peace corps then i'll be gone for 2 years and sticking my mom with 3 cats for that period is worse than sticking her with 2.

p.s. your having this cat in NO WAY should deter you from ALSO GETTING A KITTEN. micha needs a friend, dood. micha, BTW is a much better name than the one i had for my all black cat. which was harry. keep in mind while laughing, that i was 4 when i named him.

Posted by: michele on October 23, 2005 01:56 AM

Hey, Nuala! Cool Cat. He looks kinda smart too. (maybe it's the shirt).

I like all black cats. There are about 8 neighborhood cats, aside from my 2, that visit my large weedy backyard. There's an all black one which is my fav. He's super friendly, goofy too.

What's yur email address now? email it to me.

btw-michele--- Harry is a good name. Might (at 4) it have really been "hairy"?

Posted by: aaron on October 24, 2005 07:56 AM

I think Harry is a good name too. I'm now deciding between Micha and Boo(he is after all a black cat who showed up in October). I'm still kinda weirded out by having a cat at all. I miss Ribbon and I wasn't quite ready to get another cat or the bundle of energy that he is. I don't think I could handle a kitten. This one is probably a year or younger and he has too much energy for me. He's pretty cute though

Posted by: nuala on October 24, 2005 09:06 AM

Aaron - you can email me at berrybzz@gmail.com. How's it going by the way? Why is your garden weeds and how goes the building?

Posted by: nuala on October 24, 2005 09:09 AM

well it was harry because i 4-yr-old-reasoned that he was hairy, yes. i like micha because it's almost michele. but i like boo too, except maybe sometimes when you're yelling "boo!" for him to come in, you'll feel a little silly. or it might sound like "poo". i call moo cow 'poosers' sometimes because it degenerated from 'moosers'. and sometimes i feel a little twinge of disgust.

Posted by: michele on October 24, 2005 10:27 AM

I think I would feel more like Boo from Monters, Inc. who screamed Boo at Kitty all the time.

and you like Micha because it's almost like I"m naming my cat Michele?

Posted by: nuala on October 24, 2005 10:45 AM

no, it's just a name close to michele. so i like it's spelling. except i don't like michelle because it looks bloated.

Posted by: michele on October 24, 2005 10:57 AM

Okay that makes more sense. I still don't know what I'm going to do with this little cat.

Posted by: nuala on October 24, 2005 11:09 AM

also you can claim it's boo radley, for when you get overly-literary visitors. he's adorable and you need a new cat. i think fate has spoken.

Posted by: didofoot on October 25, 2005 08:55 AM

Someone at work said the same thing. I've never read that book though. hee hee. Deanna and I were talking about it last night. Her cat's name is Kitty and if I name mine Boo we have Kitty and Boo. (as in Monsters Inc.) She and I were a little too pleased at that idea)

Posted by: nuala on October 25, 2005 09:18 AM