December 10, 2005

I've been out of touch for almost a week due to the fact that work lost internet access and I have none at home. So sad. But I'm back. Not with any pictures yet but I do have quotes that I wrote down during the trip when I found something funny. Mostly they are Michele being funny, which she is no matter what anybody may say....ahem:

"Are you sure you don't want to jump off that thing?" 11/18/05 - Auckland (The answer was hell no I don't wan to jump off that thing. I'm sure.)

"Swim out there and get me a sailboat!" 11/18/05 - Waiheke Island

"Okay, I'm going to be up here in my undewear." 11/19/05 - Auckland

"Me & my underwear just don't want to move" 11/19/05 - Auckland

"Stop staring at my underwear you perv" 11/19/05 - Auckland

"I wish I had someone around to record what I say all the time." 11/20/05 - Queenstown.

Nuala - "You look good in that picture."
Michele - "That's because I'm on a horse." 11/22/05 - Queenstown.

"How fast are we going? LIKE THE WIND!" 11/25/05 - Wanaka (we were actually paddling on Lake Wanaka at about 1/8 of a mile an hour, so very slowly, not at all like the wind.)

"Old people don't die!" 11/26/05 - Fox Glacier

"I like being here because it makes me feel like I'm funnier than I am." 11/26/05 - Fox Glacier

"I would be upset if I looked out my window and saw someone petting my sheep." 11/26/05 - Fox Glacier (She said this as she said we had to go as we were petting the sheep as she was afraid someone would get mad at her for petting him.)

"You could, but you'd die." - Troy 11/27/05 Franz Joseph Glacier

Random New Zealand sayings:

Yea, yea (said constantly as you tell a story)
No worries
Bro (this is everyone per Troy, he even calls his mom bro)
Ta (I have no idea when you would say this, but they say it.)

Posted by nuala at December 10, 2005 07:53 AM

ta means thanks.

i told troy that i call my mom dude. he laughed and laughed.

dood, those are still totally funny. especially the underwear series. you are such a perv.

Posted by: michele on December 10, 2005 10:27 AM