April 12, 2006
You're Nuts Junior

I've taken to playing Trivia with the work friends once a week on Tuesdays. My sister can confirm this as I regularly text message her with the random TV questions I can't remember the answers to. She is the queen of useless TV trivia in case you were wondering. Case in point:

"What was the name of the bar which the gang at Cheers had a rivalry with?" Ady got the answer back to me in about two seconds flat. I was so mad. I should have know the answer. I'll never forget Gary's Old Town Tavern now. Burned into my brain for life

Examples of some of the questions that I knew the answer to last night:

What is the name of the Brady's pet cat on the Brady Bunch? (the cat was only in the first episode)
What actor from Friends guest starred on 90210?
Who is David Spade rumored to be currently dating?
What book is the movie Apocalypse Now based on?
Who was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence?
What country is Transylvania located in?
What year did the Titanic sink?
What was the best selling album of the 80s?

Questions I did not know the answers to:

What was the name of the band that Randy Watson fronted in the Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America?
Who was the first to run a mile under four minutes?
How many letters are there in the Hawaiian alphabet?
What was the name of the actor who played Gilligan on Gilligan's Island?
True or False: Babies are not born with knee caps
What was the name of Tom Cruise's first movie?

I love Trivia. It is addicting. Plus mix with rivalry and its fun fun times.

Bonus points if anyone can name the movie that the title of this post comes from.

Posted by nuala at April 12, 2006 12:06 PM

how did you not know the Coming to America question?!?

the answer is Sexual Chocolate - no one can ever forget something that fabulous.

Posted by: ady on April 13, 2006 04:02 PM

Of course you know that one. Some how I wasn't paying attention when the band name came up apparently. I was too distracted by Eddie Murphy's rat tail.

Posted by: nuala on April 14, 2006 09:05 AM

I am very impressed. I take pride in having strong skills for Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture but the questions you listed are out of my league.

Posted by: k on April 24, 2006 04:26 PM