March 30, 2007

Well I suppose an update is in order for those of you who may care. So much has happened in the last six months or so.

My friend/boss at work left and moved to Georgia. yep Georgia. None of us got it either. But it was more money and a lower price of living. Things at work can get intense sometimes and it was a good move for him and his family. We all miss them though.

With Nenner's departure I got a new position as Revenue Manager. yep I finally got that title after 3.5 years. I actually like the Revenue part of the job. But I do miss the special events, however I had been bored lately when I changed jobs. Not because it was boring but because I had to say no all the time as nothing was open. So really I had nothing to plan. Now that it all the food and beverage outlets are open the girl who took over my job doesn't have a minute to herself. So I miss it but then again I don't miss talking to all the impossible people who don't understand why you can't give them everything they want at a quarter of the price. Plus I help out when events are going on and that is enough for me.

So my job is good. It's a little frustrating at times as I'm in a strange position where I work with the front desk but I'm not their direct supervisor so I have no real say in anything. it's great experience however, and will be good for future things down the road.

I have a boyfriend. I don't think I've mentioned him in my blog at all. We dated off and on since October 2005 and only really became officially "boyfriend and girlfriend" (whatever that means) in June of last year. He just moved into the house last month. My friend Courtney moved out with her boyfriend, so Garren and I took her larger room and we got a new roommate for my old room.

It's strange. Nothing really changed. I mean Garren had practically been living here anyways (Courtney always called him the 4th roommate), but changing rooms, merging his stuff with my stuff, through me for a bigger loop than I thought it would. Nothing really changed but little things did. I'm ok with it all now though and still glad to have him around.

It's been interesting having Garren meet my family and friends. He's so good at it. And mostly I think everyone likes him, or if they don't they don't tell me. It's such a difference from my last relationship, which I hate to compare it to, but it's hard not too. Either way it is better. More relaxed and we just seem to fit together.

What else. Rocky the Rock Star (my sisters dog) moved in with my roommate Krista. He moved all the way to Denver and Mandi and the Rock Star are back together again. I recently went out to Denver to visit Krista and Rocky is as happy as a clam. He really is in the best place. He and Mandi are with Krista 85% of the time (she takes them to work a lot) and they are always together. They need each other and it was nice to see him so happy.

i'm hoping to update this thing more and talk more random stuff. I've gotten the general stuff out of the way with all the above babbling, so maybe now I can babble about more intersting things.

Posted by nuala at March 30, 2007 10:56 PM

it is SO WEIRD seeing your blog! your avatar is in london with willoughby! it's purple! wacky!

i think it was purple before but i don't remember because it was so long ago.

Posted by: michele on March 31, 2007 11:28 AM

It has been so very long. so I got all the boring update stuff out of the way so I can try and update more. We'll see if that works....I just need to get back in the habit.

it was purple. I did update the avatar though. London sounded nice....sigh

Posted by: nuala on March 31, 2007 01:11 PM

you can babble about a scifi show now. :) you'll be guaranteed to have a long conversation with me about it then at least. and everyone else can go suck eggs.

london does sound nice. sigh. i wish i was still going to ireland this summer.

Posted by: michele on April 1, 2007 11:58 AM