October 04, 2007

So Garren and I went to our annual Dave Matthews concert on Tuesday night and I think it was by far one the best shows I have ever been to. We got really lucky and had amazing seats in the Garden boxes. Not that there really is a bad seat at the Hollywood Bowl, but it didn't hurt that it was the closest I've ever been at a Dave concert and it rocked. We also took our time getting there and left early so that we could hang out, have some drinks, and soak in the atmosphere.

Some of my observations from the show include:

1. Do not rave to Dave. Really. There was some guy with glow sticks doing raver moves. It just...NO
2. Dave loves his surprise guests. John Mayer decided to come out and play a song. (Garren's favorite DMB song of all time in fact). Just for fun.
3. John Mayer looks like he's having an orgasm when he plays guitar....It's kinda disturbing.
4. John Mayer walked past me after his appearance on stage as he was directed to his seat. I could have hit him. (I now count him among the few celebrities I've been close enough to cause physical harm to.)
5. Dave Matthews fans have to be some of the happiest fans ever. Everyone is so bouncy.
6. Best song of the night was Exodus which the band performed with Steven Marley. A-Freaking-Mazing.

side note - I wrote out this post earlier and it was much better, but the computer decided to close my application and all of it was lost...sigh. Why is you can never remember what you originally wrote and are convinced it was so much better...

Posted by nuala at October 04, 2007 09:03 AM

If you ever find yourself in the same position, it's okay with me if you want to rough John Mayer up a little bit.

Posted by: didofoot on October 4, 2007 09:58 AM