November 04, 2008
Drinking Game

After snorting in disgust and gasping through The Duchess with Michele last night we decided that this depressing movie needed a little bit more fun if we were to ever watch it again. It was decided that next time it was watched the following rules would apply:

1. Any time "The Duke" (aka Mr. Fiennes) walked into the room we would scream JACKASS and take a drink.
2. Any time Bess walked into the room we would scream HUSSY
3. Any time Lord Gray was on screen we would scream LOVER and take a shot

These three things would make things a lot more lively and our inevitable drunken state would help make the movie a lot more cheery. Don't get me wrong. I did enjoy the movie. The actors were wonderful, but if the movie portrayed even a fraction of the truth of her life, man that sucks and I'm glad that women today have a lot more choices and rights.

Yea Votes for Women!

Posted by nuala at November 04, 2008 09:10 AM

other things to yell at lord gray:
hot pants!
take your clothes off!
priiiiiime minister meat!

other things to yell at bess:
lesbian lover!

Posted by: michele on November 4, 2008 12:42 PM

Hah! I giggle happily at these suggestions

Posted by: nuala on November 4, 2008 01:54 PM