nuts to you


Why the page got started:

1. I had nothing better to do (hence the rainbow colors)

2. Everyone else was doing it.

3. I was really bored at work.



So Nuts to you comes from the comic Get Fuzzy, which you can go and read by clicking here. Besides that it was a brilliant website name because if anyone says my website is pathetic and really just plain boring I can refer them back to the name of the site: Nuts to you....oh the irony.


About ME, all about ME:

I'm sure you all really care, but since you continue to read.....Last year I graduated from UCSB and proceeded to move back in with my mother in Benicia and began my post graduate career as an admin assistant in UC Berkeley (blahhh!) Needless to say I am at the moment leading a boring existence frequently interrupted by the hilarity created by Michele and Kristen. Otherwise I am working towards entering back into the school system and never leaving. The real world scares me. I want the short days and the long summers. This nine-to-five crap with only 2 weeks vacation a year bites the big one and I won't stand for it. Otherwise I spend my free time staring at the screen known as the tv, reading a book, laughing at the antics of Michele or Kristen, or shaking my head at my wayward boyfriend.





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