June 25, 2002
blah blah blah

So I ended up going camping after all even after that whole we're not going and unpacking. It was fun but I wish we could have gone earlier so that I could have played in the river some more. I like cold water in nature. As it was I got to splash around for a bit and then went home. At least Sumit and I saw Max, who was glad we came and so was I.

So I'm trying to organize my pictures at home, but as I am a non picture taker, why I don't know, I've just got lots of random moments. I think I mainly do not take pictures because I always think that they look bad. That would be my main reason for taking a photography class, but at this rate it looks like I won't manage it till the fall. Oh well good pictures will have to wait till then. Either way I'm trying to make up a scrapbook for all my random pictures and memorabilia at home. But it's hard as I don't have enough of any one to do a scrapbook on it's own. So if anyone wanting to get rid of extra pictures, please feel free to unload them on me.

At this point I am contemplating a scrapbook that includes some of the main moments from the last year of High School, mainly graduation and senior ball, etc., some girl scout stuff with camping pictures and all my badges. If I can find my sash I'm going to cut it up and include it somehow. And then I think my London trip.

I'm also going to start one for this year and college. Sumit's already been recruited to look through his pictures for me. Thank god one of us has a hand glued to a camera. I also finally managed to get around to developing the Coachella pictures I took. I'll be sure to give the doubles to anyone who wants them. Yesterday as I went through random old pictures I have at home, and man are there some doozies I came across a whole bunch of really old ones (like great grandparents etc.) from the French family. Anyways so I'll probably make another one with just the old Frenchie pictures, cause they shouldn't sit in a drawer.

Anyways as you can tell I'm on a nostalgic trip. I'm just sick of being so unorganized and I'm hoping that at least organizing some of my pictures will be a fun project that will make me feel a little more organized. Also I've kinda tried to avoid thinking too much about the past four years or so as they were painful, not all of it, but in the background there was always something there. I guess I'm hoping rummaging through photos and putting them in some kind of cohesive order will be therapeutic. But whatevs yo, at least I'll have a nice little art project in the end. And with that I return to work.

Posted by nuala at June 25, 2002 12:00 PM