June 21, 2002

This week has gone by fast for me. Tuesday I had a PowerPoint class and learned how to animate things....hmmm I wonder if it could be put to use on the web, probably but that would involve too much thought me thinks. Well then after the PowerPoint class there was a whole 2 hours of no working to attend staff "depreciation" (as Lorie would call it). Which wasn't too great, you think the University could go to better lengths to appreciate their staff, but whoa two hours to hang out was pretty nifty. Wednesday I got to waste a whole three hours for yet another staff appreciation thing for our floor, where they fed us and continued to embarrass me by congratulating me on passing my probation. Woo-hoo...I'm competent! Yea! Anyways it was fun, it was loud and it was getting paid to eat.

Also on Wed, my little soomie came to see me. I also met his cousin who lives not far from campus, a little scary, but she was very nice and we didn't stay long. We think she has a white boyfriend, who was also very nice and talked to me while Sumit messed with the computer. He's a teacher at a local high school (english) and was talking to me about going to grad school and stuff. Anyways the fact that he is white while it is not a big deal, makes me feel better, why I don't know. Maybe cause if they're all the kids in Sumit's family are going against their culture, eventually the parents will cry "Uncle" and let them do whatever they want without making them feel guilty. Parents in general just suck sometimes.

ANYWAYS, but now so I'm getting ready to go camping for a whole day! And not real camping, camping where you can take everything known to man with you, but anyways I got all nostalgic and found my old girl scout camping list as well as remembered car camping foods such as taco chicken. (Thank you kristen for that remembered treasure) I even made it last night to bring with me. However I still feel it wasn't cheese-its but some form of chips, but whatever too late now. I also made blueberry muffins for breakfast in an attempt to recapture the taste of Eydie's muffins on those long ago girl scout campouts. (I know she made them out of a box and so did I but it's still different)

So now I'm at work wishing it was after work so that I could get ready to go camping. Kristen if you dragged me up to Carr lake right now, I'd be a happy girl because this campout will not nearly be as fun without the rest of the girl scouts. Anyways I'll bore you all to death with the details next week.

Oh and might I just mention for your amusement that as I write I am listening to a Disney radio station that plays, oh joys of joys, songs from Disney movies. (right now it's Under the Sea. Yea!)

Posted by nuala at June 21, 2002 12:00 PM