July 01, 2002
ABBA music and spandex! Oh the delight!

Well so yet another boring dull weekend has gone by. Actually it wasn't so bad, nice and relaxing, except that I was still ticked about the whole work thing so it took me a long time to actually shake it. HOWEVER, I did get to see Mama Mia in San Francisco and my was it FABULOUS! The music, the dancing the WHITE SPANDEX! If you like ABBA music and want to have a grand old time go see it before it leaves SF as it was mighty entertaining. They even did three numbers at the end as a sort of encore. It was lots of fun. It also made me want to run away to the Greek islands, as that is where it was set and I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the Greek islands. Anyways I say again, Go and see it!

I also did a lot of boring stuff like getting the oil in my car changed, washing my car, buying a nice house plant, planting some herbs in the garden and starting on my scrapbook. Man am I glad I started it as it will be fabulous when it's done. Of course all the pictures that are missing will show up as soon as I'm done but whatever. I did not however work on my website for the Nuala page over the weekend, but I WAS left alone at work today in the afternoon giving me plenty of time to spruce the three pages I've been working on up a bit, so here they are. I'll let you know whenever I manage to update it too. Anyways the weekend basically consisted of me holing up in my house in Benicia being a hermit doing all these middle aged activities....oh when oh when will an actual life for me start. Whatever I still had fun in my own little self centered world.

Posted by nuala at July 01, 2002 12:00 PM