July 02, 2002
I'm off to Greece!

So I've totally given up on the idea of Sumit and I actually managing to go on vacation based on the fact that he's not willing to find out when he can go, nor where we can go and I'm sick of trying to figure out a place without any feedback so I give up! Anything that was remotely possible before is now way too expensive. So anyways it got me to thinking that that I'm vacation deprived, which is my fault and not my fault as I could say screw it and go someplace fantastic and then be poor, but I can't bring myself to do that. But not my fault because I have to use my vacation time to do all my pre professional work, so what I could have used to go someplace fantastic, I have to use for the sake of an eventual career. Bastards. So I've decided that whatever school I get into and whenever it's supposed to start I'm going to take a nice big long relaxing vacation before I go. Screw working up till the last minute! Screw saving for grad school! I'm saving for a trip! I can pay back my education later, for eons of years to come. Anyways so I'm already thinking of places to go. I'm thinking I'll go in May (since most of the programs start in June) and go someplace before all the tourists like me start showing up. I'm also still on a Greek Island kick from Mama Mia (see above) and I have ALWAYS wanted to go there so as of right now it's my destination of choice. It's going to be someplace tropical damnit and if I have to go alone so be it! Anyways so I was looking a little earlier (http://www.mykonosgreece.com/index1.html) and now I've got itchy feet. They want to go somewhere new, somewhere not boring. Somewhere sunny and fun.

I love how I go on these vacation kicks, and how usually nothing comes of them, but this is one that I think I'll stick to as it is a fabulous idea and something after working at UC Berkeley for a year and a half I will SOOOOOOO deserve. I may even attempt to go to a Club Med and then make them hire me while I'm there. Not that it would really happen but maybe I could torture them into giving me a job. Maybe...probably not. Why oh why don't they want me?!

Posted by nuala at July 02, 2002 12:00 PM