July 18, 2002

So long time no writing. As most know I was in SB over the weekend. I got a flat tire in San Jose on my way down. Damn construction. I had to wait TWO HOURS for the tow truck and I forgot to bring a book with me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Now that was frustrating, but it did give me an opportunity to miss even more work by saying that I got the flat tire on the way home so that I could stay longer in SB. (evil grin) The best part of my trip down was that we Sumit and I did a small excursion to the French Festival in SB and Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY! We watched the young can-can dancers and what did they do after they finished? They went looking for volunteers to do it all over with them! And who did they pick?! That's right! Sumit and Bill! Oh the hilarity! The gasping for breath! The sheer amusement of it all. And did either Jessica or I have a camera? No of course not! Damn me and my non taking pictures ways. I'm going to change that so next time Sumit is kicking his feet in the air and hopping around in circles and flashing his tummy at groups of people I will have photographic proof which I can torture him with for years to come.

We also went to this fabulous restaurant in SB. Check it out. Mmmm chocolate soufflé.

Can I also mention that I have a garbage bag half full of basil from Aaron's garden?! He's says I can make pesto out of all of it but I have my doubts...huge doubts. SO MUCH BASIL! Want to see Aaron's garden? Click here.

Posted by nuala at July 18, 2002 12:00 PM