July 19, 2002
But of course...they're...well you KNOW

Has anyone ever noticed that whenever someone you don't know very well tells a story about a gay friend of theirs they use and indulgent tone as if the friend is a small child that has done something cute. Even if the fact that this person is gay is not pertinent to the story the storyteller, within a few sentences, tells you anyways with the off hand remark, "He's gay of course", as if that explains the entire story and/or their behavior. I just find it strange and have even caught myself doing it when talking about Clint to people who do not know him. I say that my sister is living with her best friend in NY, and they assume it's a girl until I mention Clint's name and then they look at me funny and then I have to say "He's gay" as if to say no I'm not an idiot who doesn't realize her sister is secretly shacking up with her (boy)friend. I find it annoying as if somehow it is a universal assumption that gay people are the wayward children of the world who do things that heterosexual people just shake their heads and grin at because somehow it's so damn cute.


Posted by nuala at July 19, 2002 08:00 AM