August 16, 2002
How in sync are we?

So look what my sister emailed to me today:

"Hey do you want to go see Hairspray when you come to town before the
wedding? (for those of you who don't know she is referring to my cousin Kathleen's Wedding in October) Its getting great reviews. Let me know"

So it looks like I get to see hairspray after all. Woo-hoo!

On another note. I'm class deprived. I don't so much miss the homework and tests and all but I want to learn things and discuss. I always did like lecture. Anyways I was looking at all these extension courses and this is what appealed to me. Don't gag on me. I was a history major you know.

Ottoman Empire
Culture of India
Mystery Books
And here I just want to go on the trip where they travel with a chef. A CHEF! Imagine the food.

But oh so expensive and some so oh far away in SF after work.

Posted by nuala at August 16, 2002 03:52 PM

hee hee! your cousin kathy is so cute too! i looked at her target wedding registry. why did i do this? i do not know. am i buying them a present? no. did i almost sign the guestbook? yes. stopped myself just in time though. yes, i did.


cooking in italy!

Posted by: michele on August 19, 2002 11:10 AM