September 18, 2002
Fun with Chemicals and other random facts

So yesterday I got to process my own film. How exciting is that? Pretty damn exciting I'll have you know. I got to play with chemicals and stand in the pitch dark with lots of people while I attempted to thread the film through this little round thing and then put in in a canister. Fun with scissors in the dark is all I have to say. And all this for a roll of pictures of cotton. Imagine how much cooler it will be when it's actually interesting pictures.

Anyways I didn't do to badly with teacher supervision. We'll find out what happens when I attempt to do it on my own later this week. Let's hope I don't mess up the roll of interesting pictures.

On a complete different note you'll notice I've updated my "What I'm Reading" section. I'm now reading Daugter of the Forest and hell if it isn't based on the Irish myth The Children of Lir where one of the main characters is named NUALA (or Fionnuala which is the same thing). Now in this book do they keep that original name and have the girl named Nuala. NO. They name her Sorcha. Which means bright and light and the English version of the name is Sarah. What the fuck?! It almost makes me not want to read it. Almost. (It's kinda like my refusal to watch Eyes Wide Shut becasue they say my name wrong. Tom Cruise says my name wrong! Damn Stanley Kubrick.) But then again maybe it's not based on the same myth, but they have an awful bloody lot in common.

And one random comment. On my entry about Cabo I forgot to mention that everyone thought Sumit and I were on our honeymoon. Now that was weird. Sumit says it's now the only honeymoon I get. If we get married he is under no obligation as we've already done the honeymoon thing and I said, "Yea whatever" (No one denies me a mandatory/traditional vacation. No one.)

Posted by nuala at September 18, 2002 11:34 AM

i wish they were pics of me.

Posted by: sexy on December 6, 2002 06:14 PM