October 05, 2002
Long time no typing

Well it's been a while since I managed to blog. I've been a little frantic with all the forms I was filling out, and being sick, and preparing lessons for the kiddies and taking my photography class. I'm wiped out. Good thing I'm flying to New York this week. Ughhh! What was I thinking.

Well hopefully NY will be a little relaxing. Most of the time I'm going to be left to my own devices so I'm planning to take lots of pictures of the city, my sister and her roomies and the new kitties and visit the museums. I can't wait to be exposed to all sorts of culture. My sister is taking me to see Hairspray for my birthday which should be fun. She did tell me she was going to take me to the premiere of some new Comedy Central movie but I guess it's turning into a bigger thing than they expected and can't get me a ticket. Kirstin Dunst is going....oooooo. But that's ok as I think it would just make me extremely nervous.

The kiddos were fun this past week too. They were sweet on Friday as the made me a card and all expressed how sucky it was that I would not be around anymore. The truth is I would much rather play with them than go back to work, but oh well, as soon as I finish my Statement of Purpose I'll be able to apply and then hopefully one of these days I'll have my own class. It's shocking to me how much I liked it.

Anyways I'll go back to writing lots more when I get back from NY and I'm sure I'll have a lot more exciting things to relate.

Posted by nuala at October 05, 2002 10:01 PM

yay teacher girl! don't forget we are lunching you me and michele on monday. you should meet me in front of cory at 12 ok?

Posted by: didofoot on October 6, 2002 05:59 PM

it says you updated......where is the kirsten dunst and maggie gylllllannnhaaaal stories? where?!?! eee i am still so jealous!!

Posted by: michele on October 14, 2002 02:05 PM

they're there. It's there I tell you

Posted by: nuala on October 14, 2002 02:21 PM