October 28, 2002
La Boheme and some other stuff

So I'm sure everyone saw Michele's entry about La Boheme and I just felt the need to reiterate what Michele said. It was unbelivable. Mainly the sets. They were just mind boggling. I mean if someone doesn't even like opera I would still tell them to go see it JUST for the sets and backdrops. WOW is the only way to describe it.

Between this and Moulin Rouge you can tell that Baz has a little obession going on over the bohemian period and Paris in general, and tragic love stories. It's amusing. Not that I'm complaining, but they billed Moulin Rouge as the greatest love story ever told (didn't they?) and now they are billing La Boheme as the greatest love story ever sung. Even some of the sets and ways they advertise for La Boheme is similar to Moulin Rouge. It's just interesting. I suppose that's what makes it a Baz production.

But anyways we went out to dinner with Charlotte who is the friend of my sister that got us 6th row CENTER seats. Thank you Ady and Charlotte. It's nice to have a sister in the know. Anyways Charlotte was a doll and gave us all the backstage gossip. Baz kissed her on the cheek a couple to times. And danced with her. Makes me semi jealous. She also told us about the girl who did the backdrops and how she's only 22! How jealous am I of her talents. SO JEALOUS. (You can see a picture of Charlotte if you go to the linked website go to CAST and then Ensemble. Her last name is Cohn)

But all in all it was a fun time for all and the singers were wonderful. They were no sets, but they were still great and made me cry at the end like they're supposed to. It was worth every penny. Go see it if you can. Which you probably can't, but you're missing out. I mean how often does a broadway show premiere in San Francisco? Not damn often. Take advantage while you can. Lord it over the New Yorkers that YOU saw it first. I will. (Course I suppose those damn Australians can lord over us they saw it 10 years ago. Damn them.)

On another completly different note....Jade sent me this and it was funny, so now I share it with you all. Go look at it.

Posted by nuala at October 28, 2002 02:41 PM

sweet! i didn't even notice that they had ensemble pictures on there. (you forgot about kevin spacey and andy garcia too. =)

and they totally copied the billings. it was absurd. especially since moulin rouge was ALSO SUNG. i shake my head at them. but whatever.

heee heee! that clip is pretty funny.

Posted by: michele on October 28, 2002 02:57 PM

yea it was damn entertaining. I like the sound effects.

Posted by: nuala on October 28, 2002 02:59 PM