October 25, 2002

So today I learned about a game called Sloshball. Bascially it's a baseball with a keg on second base. Apparently you can't go by 2nd base without slamming a beer and of course everyone is required to have a beer in their hands the whole game. If you all thought you were crazy playing baseball before image it after slamming a beer or two.

As I was looking for the rules of sloshball I came across an article from the UCSB newspaper. It reminded me of a game I had forgotten about which I think is an IV original: The Dog Shit Park Bike Races. Basically there are three people to a team. You are to complete 45 laps and 45 beers (between the three team mates) to win. Basically the team mates alternate laps slamming a beer once they finish each lap. I once saw part of these bike races on IVTV (IVTV is created by two grad students go around Isla Vista and tape the stupid things UCSB students do and then put in on cable access.) The grossness of this is unmatched. If contestants have to puke they must do it while on a bike. People were falling, bikes were too small, people were dressed funny for the even, beer and puke was everywhere and while it was very disgusting it was also somehow very funny. Ha ha that drunkard just feel off his puked on bike ha ha. Well alright right now it doesn't sound funny. But it was. Then. On tv. Live might not be so cool with the smell factor.

Why I'm writing about drinking games I don't know, but I just found it interesting and a strange phenomenon. I mean the lengths people will go to. Or should I say the things people come up with? My mind is boggled and amused. Maybe it's just because I've never played any of these games. Maybe I'm secretly fascinated. Maybe not, but here's a website with a whole bunch of drinking game options. They even have one for Better Off Dead. Oh how I love you John Cusak.


Posted by nuala at October 25, 2002 01:41 PM

now I don't want to sound "square" as they say, but I never understood the need to get so drunk it makes you sick. I mean, drink until you're having fun, or she's pretty, or you get belligerent and lose some friends, sure. but drink until you throw up? bleh.

okay, ONCE I understood it. but after that time I quickly understood that it sucked eggs and didn't do it anymore. so what's UP with that?

Posted by: didofoot on October 25, 2002 02:10 PM

Yea I know. I've never understood that either, nor have I participated, thank god, and yet it's a past time for many. Go figure.

Posted by: nuala on October 25, 2002 02:23 PM

mmmm john cusack......

Posted by: michele on October 25, 2002 02:50 PM

The monkeys I live with, however, seem to prefer that even over public masturbation...although that's not been entirely unheard of in the past few years.

Posted by: brian on October 26, 2002 09:18 PM

it's a little scary how you're jumping all over the place...monkey boy.

Posted by: didofoot on October 27, 2002 09:55 AM

do they also fling poo?

Posted by: michele on October 27, 2002 11:55 AM