January 23, 2003
Return of the Cousins

So you people have failed to amuse me today (exceptions go to Sean who had a whopping two entries today and maybe Kristen except that she never tells the truth). With boredom bearing down like a little black cloud which is threatening rain over my head I started purusing the internet. With a glazed expression over my face, I came acorss (ominous dun dun dun) pictures from Kathleen (the cousin who got married in October) and Larry's honeymoon. Now while many of you won't give a hoot about these pictures, me in my bored almost catatonic state, was highly amused by them all. "Why?" you ask. Well mainly because it's obvious that in most of them Kathleen is forcing Larry to pose and he ain't too happy about it. My favorite I believe is the one where he is sitting among the "poohs" and Kathleen's caption is "pooh with poohs". (She calls him pooh) I nearly wet myself with laughter.

So I thought I would share my day's few seconds of amusment with the rest of you, although really I should hoard them to myself. If you're out there and bored, toggle through some pictures. But you're not bored, I'm sure you're not, because otherwise you would be writing in your blogs to amuse me right? RIGHT!? Right....

Posted by nuala at January 23, 2003 04:28 PM

thank you. i like to be your entertainer. i'll be here all week.

k back to work.

Posted by: didofoot on January 24, 2003 01:44 PM