June 16, 2005
Lots of Changes Old Max, Lots of Changes

Lots of changes should be my mantra. Life has been in some upheaval the last few months and I haven't even been able to write about it, it's been so crazy. This last week however has been a watershed and I thought it was about time that I vented about it to the CH community.

I think everyone knows that I went back to my old job in March. It was a very hard decision for me as it meant leaving a job where I was needed and going back to a property I loved but being the only one hired back from a group of people with whom I am still friends.

Then I got a new boss. That was a little strange. I wasn't sure what he thought of me or how we were going to interact or if he would apprciate what I had to offer. At the same time this was happening my old job, offered me a new opportunity as Assistant Front Office Manager.

Yet again upheaval. I had the choice of taking a new opportunity which was an advancement with people I know vauled me and thought I was awesome, but at a property I wasn't very fond of, or stay at a property I loved with the possiblity of advancement but uncertaintiy of where I stood. I must have driven everyone nuts. I bugged my roommates about it, my mom, my sister, Sumit, everyone. In the end I decided to stay after having a wonderful conversation with my new boss where he made it clear that he thought I was fantastic and that he wanted to teach me whatever I was willing to learn.

Then there was the reopening which happened over Memorial weekend. While my mother and sister were having a grand old time in Paris I was working 15 hour days, training, organizing and in general running around trying to make sure everything was going well.

Truth is I wouldn't have it any other way. It's exhausting but I love my job. Things have calmed down. I'm not working 7 days a week or 15 hours a day anymore but I'm still feel like there aren't enough hours in the day.

Despite the fact that things have calmed down this last week was very upsetting. With work to distract me I was able to ignore the fact that Krista, my roommate was graduating and moving out in a few short weeks. She left on Monday. We had a great weekend, but I was always just a little sad as I was losing my best friend. I had to go to work on Monday and I couldn't stop crying as every time someone asked how I was all I could think about was the fact that Krista was leaving the house for good.

We haven't even found a new roommate yet. Jade decided that she couldn't move in so Deanna and I have been trying to find someone for at least a month now. Our timing seems to be off. Everytime we think that we have found someone it doesn't work out. Hopefully we will before July. I think Deanna and I just don't want anyone else.

And then this week, my boss informed both me and the other supervisor that instead of hiring a third supervisor he was going to list a Guest Services Managment position. So now on top of work being crazy, losing a roommate and my best friend, trying to find a roommate before I have to pay a crazy amount in rent, I'm applyiing for a promotion.

It's a great opportunity and very exciting, but there is no gurantee that I will be getting the promotion as they are looking at outside people. Either way it's another thing on top of all this change going on around me. Either I will be taking on a new position and that is a big change and a little intimidating or another new boss will be coming in and that is just another thing to work out.

So that's it. That is what has been going on with me. To try and avoid my issues I've been watching The OC obsessively and reading Harry Potter in anticipation of the new book. OH and I saw the new Batman today. Freaking fantastic by the way. Christian Bale is yummy. You see avoidance.

Posted by nuala at June 16, 2005 01:06 AM


1. I love you.

2. I hope you get the promotion cause you deserve it more than anyone!

3. I have tickets to Batman on Friday and can't wait to see it, I have loved Christian Bale for so long.

4. You WILL find a roommate that you love - trust me.

5. and finally - DON'T STRESS OUT!

Posted by: ady on June 16, 2005 08:38 AM

that sucks about krista. but ady's right too, because look how well it worked out moving in with krista when you didn't know her at all. you'll get lucky with a roommate again.

the job sounds fantastic. they will definitely pick you, because i will write them a letter explaining why they should. in crayon. maybe two or three letters. every day.

Posted by: didofoot on June 16, 2005 08:54 AM

i will send postcards with stick figures of guests asking for towels and you giving them towels to prove how well you manage guests. with little captions underneath that say things like "nuala is super-8 great! only better! because super 8 motels really kind of suck." and, "when i want a towel, i want nuala."

i second ady's 1, 2, 4, and 5. i saw batman yesterday though so i don't second 3. it WAS excellent! christian bale is yummy. though do you think his face looked fat in the mask? because i thought it did. he was way yummy as bruce wayne though. michale caine was also kind of ...not yummy, but...still mouth-wateringly good.

Posted by: michele on June 16, 2005 09:37 AM

Christian Bale is mine. I have loved him forever as well. Although really he is his wife's. DAMN. I need to watch his baby face in Newsies again soon.

I didn't notice his face being fat in the mask although shoving your face into that thing must make your face squish up.

He was super 8 great both as Batman and Bruce Wayne but he was particularly yummy as Bruce. Even all covered in mud. (Katie Holmes was also pretty cute)

I want to see these stick figure postcards and letters in crayon. I think they would be good references.

I love you all. Does anyone want to move in....hee hee. And I'm not stressing out too much anymore. I have Batman to distract me.

Posted by: nuala on June 16, 2005 10:40 AM

Correction - Christian Bale is MINE. and i own Newsies so i can watch his cute little face any time i want.

Actually, that's what you should do - buy Newsies and whenever you start to stress out just put it on and watch handsome Christian sing and dance. i still can't believe he's Welsh - all that and a sexy accent....yummy.

Posted by: ady on June 16, 2005 11:39 AM

you guys can have christian bale. i love that other little guy in newsies more. the one with the fancy cane. who played spot.

christian bale is doing the voice of Howl in "howl's moving castle" too. also out in theatres right now. the dub (from the preview i just watched) sounds really awful though. christian bale should be giving Howl some levity, fer fuck's sake. he's supposed to be a fop, not mr. deep voice serious bale dood. hmph.

Posted by: michele on June 16, 2005 12:30 PM

you mean Spot Conlin? with the BIG beautiful blue eyes??? That's Gabriel Damon and he's mine too, but I will share him with you Michele.

hmmm...Christian as Howl? give him a chance - maybe the preview clip was just not as good as the rest of it...maybe???

Posted by: ady on June 16, 2005 01:12 PM

well, i've already seen the subtitled version and it was pretty well done voice-acting wise. and i shudder to imagine billy crystal's effect on the movie and am prepared to liken it to billy bob thornton's horrendous massacre of princess mononoke's dubbed version, soooooo....i am skeptical. though i am vaguely tempted to watch that really horrible dragon movie with christian bale again just for him. ho ho ho.

i bet you didn't have wet dreams about gabriel damon as a pre-pubescent teen though, ey? he took me under the sea (to be his bride).

Posted by: michele on June 16, 2005 02:21 PM

p.s. nuala, did you see mr. and mrs. smith? because it's pretty damn excellent as excapism too.

Posted by: michele on June 16, 2005 02:28 PM

Okay wait. I own Newsies and used to own a taped version of it before Michele bought it for me on DVD. Bale is mine as is Spot who I ws obsessed over starting with an old Star Trek episode. You guys aint got nothing on that one. I saw him first.

Just kidding. Why can't I find a real live cute boy to look at. Ady move to LA and find me a rich cute boy to look at who will take care of me.

I have not yet seen Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It's on the list. Maybe I will drag mom to it this weekend. I have heard it was a lot of fun though.

Posted by: nuala on June 16, 2005 06:18 PM

i soooo had fantasies about Gabriel Damon as a pre-pubescent teen, i was in love with him for at least a year and since he wasn't in anything else i watched Newsies like everyday.

and i will try and find you a cute boy when i move to LA but i need to find myself one first. How about John Cusack? I'll get you him.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is so great, i would go see it again. Mom will probably like it but i loved it.

Posted by: ady on June 17, 2005 07:29 AM

so wait wait wait a minute--is the version playing only the dubbed version? if possible i would rather see the subtitled. we must look into this.

i never really saw newsies but if i had i'm sure i would have fallen for some middle aged and possible villainous guy.

Posted by: didofoot on June 17, 2005 08:28 AM

Kristen you probably would have fallen for Bill Pullman playing the newspaper man.

I want to see Howl's Moving Castle too. I just saw a poster for it the other day, however I don't think I would see the dubbed version even for Christian Bale's voice. Dubbing ruins it for me.

John Cusack! John Cusack! I love him. Sold. I expect to be introduced soon after you move to LA.

I was thinking of dragging mom to Mr. & Mrs. Smith this weekend. I think I will.

Posted by: nuala on June 17, 2005 10:06 AM

John Cusack - check. i will do my very best. if that doesn't work i know someone in NYC who is A LOT like him, very funny and could seriously be his brother in terms of looks.

definitely take mom, she likes Brad Pitt so she'll be happy.

Posted by: ady on June 17, 2005 10:20 AM