February 07, 2006
Missing Boo

I think someone has stolen my cat. I always said he had no fear and it would get him into trouble. When I left for the bay area on Wednesday I saw Boo in the morning. I was supposed to take him to the vet that afternoon but apparently my roommates can't read and someone let him out before I got home. No big deal I thought, I could take him when I got back.

I came home on Sunday and he was no where to be found. It was the middle of the afternoon and I figured he was out and about playing as he is known to do. I went to the Superbowl Party and had a good time yelling for the Seahawks to annoy the Stealers fans at the party. I came home and Boo was still missing.

Apparently neither of my roommates have seen him since Thursday. Does anyone else think that's odd? Shouldn't someone have called to let me know he was missing? Either way I haven't seen him since I got home. I called the shelter and there are no new black cats. I didn't get a call from animal services saying he was dead and he does have a collar with my number on it.

I think one of the neighbors has decided to keep him. He's always wandering into people's homes. HE HAS NO FEAR. I got a call from a great neighbor just last week letting me know that he walked into their house and did I want to come pick him up. Krista calls him a Man Whore as she saw him walking from house to house while she was here last week.

I mean this is how I got him. He wandered away and showed up at The Ranch and I didn't even know if I wanted him, but now.....I've gotten used to him. He's a big cuddle bug. He sleeps with me every night. He gives me someone to yell at when he's bugging kitten. He greets me when I walk in the door from work. He's my Boo.

Walking into the house the past to days is depressing. Every noise I hear I think is him coming home. Kitten comes in from outside as if to mock me. If I didn't know better I would think she got rid of him. He wiggled his way into my life shortly after Ribbon died when I didn't even want a cat and now that I started really thinking of him as mine he's disappeared. I guess I would like to think that one of my neighbors is being a jackass because the thought that he is hurt and scared or even worse is too upsetting.

I'm making lost signs today and putting an ad in the paper. Here's hoping my little Boosers shows up soon.

Posted by nuala at February 07, 2006 07:38 AM

oh, ducks. that's awful. i bet he just lost his collar and one of your neighbors is having a prolonged visit from him. i hope the posters help. i'm so sorry!

Posted by: didofoot on February 7, 2006 09:01 AM

This is so sad!!! Keep me updated - i'm sure where ever he is he's not at all scared.

Posted by: ady on February 7, 2006 09:59 AM

posters are good. also take a poster to the humane society and check there in person like once a week. i lost punk for like a month and a half once and got him back from the humane society eventually. he lived at some guy's house for 3 weeks first too. use color photos in the poster if possible.

Posted by: michele on February 7, 2006 09:59 AM