February 14, 2006
Shake That

It has been a weird two weeks and I have been mostly in a bad mood. And for no real reason. Well Boo is missing and the whole surgery thing, but that is not enough for this apathetic cloud I'm floating on. I'm annoying myself but I don't know how to snap out of it.

I think I need to move out of my house. Since the Boo incident I have been highly annoyed with my housemates even though I never see them. I think I'm just ready to live on my own. I can't do this until July however as I feel it would be extremely mean to give my housemates 30 days notice.

I'm also freaking out about work. I'm moving over to Sales and events. My new title being Sales and Special Events Coordinator. Basically any event that has to do with a guest staying at the hotel will be handled by me. I'm excited by this change as I have been frustrated with my position lately at the Front Desk, but I also freak out about change and a lot of things to do with this position are up in the air until we come up with policies and the resaurant reopens. Basically there will be a huge learning curve, I have no idea what I will be doing at first and I'm sure to mess up.

I think change is my main problem. I'm changing jobs March 1st and I see a change in housing in the near future with no idea on where I will be going or how I will afford the rent increase.

But on the brighter side Michele, Kristen and possibly Long Hai and Sean are coming to visit this weekend. so YEA! I'm also hoping to go see Skippy and the World Peace Leaders tomorrow if I can convince some people to go with me. Woo-hoo.

Posted by nuala at February 14, 2006 09:28 AM