February 26, 2006
I Never Would Have Made It In The 70s

So I had surgery on Thursday to be rid of my lumpiness. Not a big deal, although my mother will argue with me. It all went really well. I was knocked out. Everyone at the hospital was really nice and it only lasted about an hour. I pretty much slept all day and felt fine afterwards. You can't punch me in the boob for a while as that would really hurt, but all in all I'm doing just fine.

The next day was good too. I slept in. Got the pain medication. Spent some time at Starbucks, went to a movie, had dinner with mom and felt fine and then yesterday I went to work.

Before leaving for work I took one of my pain pills. I said bye to mom and then I stopped at Blenders before making my way to The Ranch. I was talking with my boss, catching up with what had gone on while I was out the past couple of days when I started feeling loopy. I didn't know what to make of it. I thought I was going crazy. I grabbed a bagel to help settle my stomach but I felt like every bite I took was going to make its way back out. I thought I would feel better if I just waited a little while, but it just kept getting worse. My poor boss was like are you ok? Do you want to go home? I wasn't ok and I did want to go home but there was no way I could drive feeling loopy and close to passing out.

I basically ended up running to the bathroom twice before Michael put his foot down and drove me home. I got home, screamed for my mommy, puked in the bathroom and passed out for five hours. I seriously felt like I was on some illegal substance and not a mild pain killer that my doctor prescribed. I'm always sensitve to medication but this was a little ridiculous and a little embarassing. But now that I've shared it with the entire world it is less embarassing really....Or maybe I've just become immune to my embarrassing moments....No still embarrassing but at least I can share the absurdity.

On a brighter note we saw The World Peace Leaders last night and they were again fun times. Apparently it was their last show though...sigh. Who knows when we will see them again....woe is me.

Worstie was in town again this weekend which meant that I spent as much time as possible with at least 3 people between us so that I did not have to notice any of his stupid comments. However I still managed to catch a one or two:

1. That girl has more cheese on her than a diary farm....wait I didn't say that right. (Yep he said all of that and out loud too.)
2. Oh my god it's the guy! the guy that drank us under the table at this place where it's all you can drink. Have you been there? You didn't get any beads....(the bead comment was said after he noticed that I didn't get any mardi gras beads that the guy was handing out. I won't tell you what he had to do to get those beads...better left unsaid.)

So that has been my past couple of days. Surgery, hanging out, taking perscription drugs that I cannot handle, making an idiot out of myself, passing out, seeing the World Peace Leaders and avoiding drunks on Mardi Gras Weekend.

Good times good times. I think a better time would be hibernating for a while. Me under a fort of blankets with lots of books and hours of TV. This will be cheaper and keep me from continually embarrassing myself in front of people I call friends and co workers and what with the new HBO season starting soon I won't want to go anywhere else. Yea for Tony Soprano. His problems are at least bigger than mine.

Posted by nuala at February 26, 2006 11:23 AM

After I had my last surgery, back in 2002, I actually got lost driving back from Albany to Pleasant Hill on Christmas Eve. Stupid pain medication! I didn't just make an idiot out of myself; I made an idiot out of Christmas.

I appreciate your brave research into the world of Worstie. You deserve hazard pay and/or beads.

Posted by: sean on February 26, 2006 01:35 PM

I think I deserve beads. Shiny, shiny, sparkly beads.

Posted by: nuala on February 26, 2006 03:58 PM