May 19, 2006
put the bunny down

I have a bunny.

Yesterday there was a knock at our door and at the door was our landlord who's first words were, "Is that your bunny?" pointing to the little guy eating the grass on our front lawn. It was in fact not our bunny.

It was determined that poor bunny had been chased by a chiuauaua earlier that morning (Deanna saw it), that he must be someone's pet as he was not scared of people, and that he had hurt his leg as he was not putting any weight on it.

I had Rocky's old cage and put the bunny in it and let everyone involved know that I would take him to the animal shelter BUNS today. But then I was like, "wait what do I do with bunny?" So I called Krista because she is my animal guru, being a vet tech and all. I was assured that bunny would be fine in the cage and that he would be able to drink water out of a bowl and that he would appreciate carrots and water and that he would not attempt to eat newspaper if I put it down in the cage.

So bunny has been happily eating carrots all night and seems just fine. I'm going to ditch work for a bit today so I can take him to BUNS. I almost want to keep him. He's pretty damn cute, but bunny will be happier with some vet attention and some other bunnies to socialize with.

I'll try and take a picture of bunny before I dropp him off for those who might wish to experience his cutness.

heh. I have a bunny.

Posted by nuala at May 19, 2006 10:32 AM

bunny! fuzzy! bunny!

let me be clear here, if you do not provide pictures, i may never speak to you again.

Posted by: michele on May 19, 2006 06:45 PM

I took a picture. However it's on a manual camera. I did not have a digital camera available but one day. Oh yes one day you will see the cutness of this bunny. I took him to the shelter yesterday. I felt so bad because when I went home to get him he was all happy to see me and then I freaked him out by putting him in a car and giving him to strangers. sigh. I'm going to call and check on him on monday.

Posted by: nuala on May 20, 2006 09:42 AM