May 24, 2006
bunny update and other stuff

While I was volunteering on Monday at ASAP cat shelter I went over to buns to check on bunny who I took there on Friday.

Bunny is actually a girl and they named her Jill. Her leg was broken in two places (hence why she was limping) and she was very skinny. She is currently in foster care so that she can recover, put on some weight and be returned to buns to be adopted. It sounds like they are taking great care of her so for those of you who may be worried (Michele? or maybe just me) bunny is in good hands.

In other news I will be getting a kitten soon. It is kitten season and I'm ready for another cat. I'm getting really excited about it. On Monday there was the cutest little orange tabby who was about two months old. If the finder hadn't already claimed him I would have taken him home this week. ADORABLE. I was looking at getting a Scottish Fold cat as I think they are the most adorable breed and there are some for sale, but I think I will be getting a kitten from the shelter. I just cat buy a designer kitty when so many other cats need a home. I just feel bad.

But for those who are interested (Michele again?) there are pictures below of the scottish fold kitties available. So cute.

Kitty #1
Kitty #2
Kitty #3

In yet more news I think Deanna and I are moving. We've been going back and forth trying to decide if we want to stay and try and find a new roommate or just bite the big one and find a two bedroom so that we don't have to deal with anyone else. I think there is another mouse in the house so I'm leaning towards moving today. Tomorrow may be another story.

The reason this came about is our other housemate Tania is moving and our landlord is selling the house. I just heard that the house is in escrow, and we can stay as long as we want. The new owner is fine with us staying, but I think Deanna and I both need a change so....

The only problem is that I hate moving. And that it will be more expensive, but hopefully it will be a nicer place and with just me and Deanna there shouldn't be any problems.

Anyways. Wish me luck is my point here. Looking for places in SB is not fun or cheap but here's hoping things work out for the best.

Posted by nuala at May 24, 2006 04:15 PM

good luck! and how do you say no to those scottish kitties???

Posted by: ady on May 24, 2006 05:28 PM

kitty #3 reduced me to uncontrollable whimpering, so i'd say you've done an excellent job with those photos.

if you need any help moving, let me know. i bet you have lots of help in the form of boys though.

and i'm glad to know bunny has been named jill and is healing up. heal up!

Posted by: michele on May 24, 2006 07:22 PM

we (parents) have a scottish fold with non-folded ears. we got her for free though since the breeder was having a hard time getting rid of her since she was a runt. she's pretty whiny though, but that's probably just her.

Posted by: marina on May 25, 2006 11:07 AM

So, I have to say that these Scottish fold kittens remind me of... CORKY! Ohhh... little kitties with Down Sydrome.

That was a bit mean wasn't it? Oh well. Kitties make me sneeze and weeze.

Posted by: Koolaid on May 26, 2006 09:43 AM

Personally I am partial to kitty #2, but that's me.

Posted by: nuala on May 26, 2006 01:49 PM