June 18, 2002

I'm so sick of hearing about how Americans think soccer/football is not a spectator's sport or how it's just plain boring. Frankly I think that's all a load of bull. I'll admit that they have some valid reasons as to why they can't get into to it, but just saying that it's plain boring is not one of them. Here are my views as to why Americans are such pricks about soccer/football:

  1. It's seen as a kid's game, and not just that it's seen as a girls game. So instead of seeing it as a skilled game with professional athletes it's seen as something that kids play at that doesn't really ever go anywhere.
  2. Americans do not grow up watching football games. They cheer on their kids at soccer games but they do not sit at a professional game or watch it on tv and see the sport done right by professional athletes who really excel at the game.
  3. So because they see it as a kid's game and can't possibly recognize the skill it takes to play, they can't get excited about the players because they view them as not playing a real sport and really half the fun of rooting any team on is having a love/hate relationship with the players.
  4. Americans can't watch anything that they aren't the best at. If they didn't invent it or dominate it, it's stupid and not worth watching. Because the rest of the world is obessessed with it and excel at it, Americans decline to care in order to put themselves above the chaos of the whole event.
  5. Americans can't produce the same amount of loyalty that the tons of fans of football around the world have naturally. Football fans will go anywhere, do anything for their team and they never abandon a team when they're down. They'll get mad, abusive and frustrated but they will never leave. Americans on the other hand are fickle, and while loyalty to one team was seen in the past, these days it is a rare occurrence.

So that's my rant on football and the world cup going on today. You can say whatever you want but it is really fun once you get into it. And you would think the US would get as it is a game of world domination without the bullets and missles, and the winners get to brag for four years nonstop and act like jerks. (oh wait! Americans already do that, maybe that's why they don't care. They don't need a reason to brag and act like jerks.)

Posted by nuala at June 18, 2002 12:00 PM

Well to tell you the truth nuala, you're half right with what you said. And for the other half, this is why americans hate soccer. They believe that soccer is not entertaining like football because they don't think that it's rough enough. When they see a game like football, where players beat each other up over a ball that looks like a busted oversized lemon, they continue to watch it because they find it fun and exciting. When they see soccer, where the only tackling that's involved is slide tackling, they think that it's not rough enough and that it's not worth watching. Another reason is because they think that it's boring. When they see a game like football where the players don't play continuously and the score's still 0-0 at half time, they get even more excited because they want to see who'll score first. However, with soccer, a sport where the players play continuosly, when the score is still 0-0 at half time, they find it boring not just because there's no score, but because they think that players bullshitt when they don't score in a continous game like that when they really aren't. For the past 4 years, the only way that you could see the european cup is on pay per view, where you'd have to pay some where between 20-40 bucks a game because stations such as espn and espn 2 won't carry it because they want to show stuff such as baseball and world championship poker, stuff that involves americans and takes place in america. When the concacaf gold cup was being played last year, the only station that carried it were the spanish channels because of the hispanic audience that we have in the u.s. For copa america, they had the spanish stations carry it for the saem reason. It suprises me how they can carry those games but not the european cup where spain, a country that ever hispanic roots for, participates in it. Now in this country, if want to watch some good soccer, you either have to get fox sports world or gol tv because espn will only carry mls games until the football season starts. When espn shows the champions league, they only show madrids games until they get knocked out. Once they get knocked out, then you could watch other games where madrid isn't playing. That and the final. The only way for soccer to get big in america is to have tv companies broadcast it more often as well as have the top european club teams play their preseason games in the u.s. so that more and people can get into it.

Posted by: Kraken on December 1, 2004 10:23 PM

i like football because the ball is shaped like stewie's head.

Posted by: michele on December 2, 2004 09:18 AM