June 17, 2002
Last weekend I...

Well so this weekend was one of highs and lows, you can read about the lows on the ribbon page but as for the highs....

Midsummer's Night Dream was good. I had never seen the play all the way through as I could not get through the movie with Kevin Kline, Michelle Phiffer and such and had never seen it live or read it so I was pleasantly surprised at the whole experience. Mom and I bought too much food and a cooler and stuffed ourselves with it and some alcohol before the play, but man was it cold! If you're going sometime soon bring a beanie and a scarf as that was all I was wishing for the whole night...stupid me. Oh but as for the cutie forecast in play watching I would say that there was one cutie, but sorry Kristen he was the shortest one there. I couldn't tell if he was cute on his own or if it was the part coupled with the big hat he wore that could go over his half his face. But either way he was entertaining to look at and had some amusing parts to giggle at.

Saturday night with the girls and poker was amusing. Kim I thank you for the great food again and demand that potato salad recipe as it was fantastic. (nuts to you michele and your egg filled potato salad...hee hee). Too bad I was too tired to really enjoy Psycho Beach Party but I'm sure Michele watch it again one of these days when I'm around. What I did see was pretty damn amusing, and the hokey acting was just the tip of the iceberg.

And Sunday was the eventful seeing of one Jason Fong, not Jason Gong, who I had not seen since the end of high school or maybe a summer or two later. Anyways it was good to see you Jason and I hope it's not another 4 years till I see you again. There may have been another happening of interest that occurred this weekend but at the moment it's only rumblings and grumblings, we'll see what surfaces in the next couple of days....BACK TO WORK I GO.

Posted by nuala at June 17, 2002 12:00 PM