September 10, 2005
Poor Unfortunate Me

I was going to write out this whole post about my whole oreal with a piece of glass being stuck in the bottom of my foot, but here's the gist of:

Stepped on a small piece of glass
Went to the doctor and it was removed
Walked on my foot for a week and it still hurt
Went back to the doctor they checked again and found nothing
Foot was better and I could walk on it.
The last week and and half it started hurting again. I'm walking on my tippy toes.

So more than a month after stepping on a very tiny piece of glass I have to go back to Urgent care again, have them give me a painful shot to numb up my foot so that they can cut up my foot again to see if they can find the last stupid piece of glass.

I don't think anyone else has every had so much trouble from breaking a wine glass.

Posted by nuala at September 10, 2005 09:31 AM

You've obviously got a drinking problem. It sounds like you need to go on a 12 step program, except make sure there's no broken glass.

Posted by: shanky mcgoo on September 14, 2005 02:57 PM